A Talk and Performance Programme about Memory, History and Identity

What role does the art institution play in the making of history? How do we include new voices in arts and in the society? What role does contemporary art play today and in the future? The Arts & Globalization Pavilion will take place during the 57th Venice Biennale and will present the talk- and performance program Remembering the Future at Palazzo Rossini in the centre of Venice. The program will address some of today's most important questions: how was/is the history of art made, who is telling the story and how do we use art to process collective memories and traumas. How does the personal affect the collective and vise versa? Who has the right to tell the history? It will address the role of art in relation to human rights, gender and the postcolonial question. Some of the talks will explore how re-opening forgotten or hidden archives affects our futures.


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