Saturday, June 10th 2017, at 18:30

Palazzo Rossini, S. Marco, 4013, 30100 Venezia





MOVE CINE ARTE International Art Film Festival will open in Venice, at Palazzo Rossini, next Saturday June 10th 2017, at 18:30. The program includes the screenings of the award-winning films and the presentation of Julia Kater’s art installation.

MOVE CINE ARTE is an itinerant art film festival produced by Filmessay and Olhar Periférico. Founded in Brazil in 2012 it has become a reference for cinema and art enthusiasts. The new edition will take place in Venice, Sao Paulo and Paris in collaboration with several partners: European Cultural Centre, Paris College of Art, B_arco Centro Cultural, Espaço Marieta, Itau Cultural.

The winner of the festival is ‘El coral que trajimos de Brasil’ by Argentine director Martín Serra. An unexpected and emotional look into the life of the painter Guillermo Roux and his wife Franca Beer.

The award for the best dialogue between video and art goes to Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat (United States). ‘Amarillo Ramp’ is the title of their production and of the last unfinished opera by Robert Smithson, a father of Land Art. The film, as Smithson’s work, invites a reflection on the existential implications of the so-called Anthropocene.

The Brazilian Alfeu França, with the movie ‘A Deusa Branca’, wins the award for the best investigation between history and art. The film retraces the 1958 expedition in the Amazon rainforest by artist Flávio de Carvalho. Through the use of rare and archive materials the director fantasize a forgotten trip.


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18:30: Inauguration of the Festival by artistic directors, Steve Bisson and Andre Fratti Costa.

18:45: Screenings of the award-winning films

‘A DEUSA BRANCA’ by Alfeu França (Brazil)

‘AMARILLO RAMP’ by Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat (United States)

‘EL CORAL QUE TRAJIMOS DE BRASIL’ by Martin Serra (Argentina)

20:15: Drinks




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