Choose one, two or three week engagement. 

Mar. 5 - 10 (Spring break) Contemporary art
Mar. 12 - 17 (Spring break) Architecture & Design
May 22 - 27 Architecture & Design (Biennale preview and opening)
May 29 - Jun.2 Architecture and Photography
Jun. 12 - 16 Contemporary art
Jun. 19 - 23 Venice Biennale
Jun.26 - 30 Design
Jul. 10 - 14 Week A. Architecture
Jul. 17 - 21 Week B. Venice Biennale
Jul. 24 - 28 Week C. Design
Aug. 7 - 11 Week A. Architecture
Aug. 14 - 18 Week B. Venice Biennale
Aug. 21 - 25 Week C. Design
Nov. 13 - 17 Architecture and Biennale

Contemporary Art 

Academics, researchers and other experts from the art world present different perspectives and critical contemporary issues that confront professionals today. In addition, we visit relevant exhibitions and cultural institutions in Venice. It is a behind-the-scenes experience that allows you to start or advance your career in the art world.

Classes include: | Exhibition planning: financing, design, setup Contemporary curatorial practices | Working in art today: issues and realities | Communication in art |

Participants: professionals working in galleries, museums and foundations, students and art lovers that wish to better understand how international projects work in general and in Venice in particular. 

Architecture & Design

The 16. Biennale Architettura will focus on attempts to reveal architecture as a multilayered discipline, which is—and should be—preoccupied by the fundamental capacity of architecture to impact people and place. It is anticipated that this incarnation of the Biennale will foreground public space, civic ideals, and the presentation of architecture as a "generous" and "thoughtful" practice. These fundamental observations will form the springboard for this course. Extensive Venice Biennale  and museum visits are included.

Week A. Architecture

Classes include: | People and place Drawing, modelling & photography | Combining the new with the old | Architecture and public space | Curating architecture | 

Week B. Venice Biennale

Classes include: | A history of the Biennale Architettura Highlights of the Biennale Visits to national pavilions of the Biennale Parallel program to the Biennale 

Week C. Design

Classes include: | The (digital) design of the human The craft of glass The world of copies Design of infrastructure From landscape to object 

Participants: architects, designers, students, curators, artists and cultural managers who are interested in organizing international projects, exhibiting their work and getting to know the latest tendencies in the world of design and architecture. 

Architecture & Photography

This new and progressive course addresses the gap in the field of photography and image training in Venice, while offering students the opportunity to engage in dialogues and interactions with the sparkling environment of Venice and the ever evolving landscape of the Biennale. In this exciting cultural setting, we bring contemporary photography to the conversation.

Classes include:  Architecture photography The nature of photography Exhibiting photography | Studio visits | Portflio review 


Classes are five days a week, from 10:00 to 13:00 in our auditoriums, and from 14:00 to 18:00 we will mainly host workshops or site visits. Saturdays have optional visits organized by the ECA or can be an opportunity to travel to Florence, Siena, Milan or Rome by yourself. 

We try to make the most of Venice's unique environment. We organise topic-specific visits, seminars, debates and engaging workshops in historical and relevant locations. You collaborate closely with local universities, archives and foundations and have access to a wide range of resources. Prosecco and a boat ride is included as well, of course. 

Both individuals and university-organized groups are invited to apply. The instruction language is normally English. However, if wished for, we have an interpreter available.

Students are awarded a certificate upon successful completion. There is a good possibility to start an internship with us or by one of our partner institutions.