at the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia




Seychellois artists invariably make art about the Seychelles. They tend to decline to comment through their work on global issues, or in most cases ideological, theological or political matters which do not impact upon their home nation.The Group Sez – which comprises 16 of Seychelles's most important artists – has been given the opportunity to interpret in three-dimensional form one of the country's most iconic and splendid residents; the giant tortoise.

Each artist has created a unique statement, customising a 'blank' fibreglass creature (life size). Collectively the 16 sculptures show divergent aspects of Seychelles's culture, topography and history. They also show the range of artistic style and preoccupation present in Group Sez. In many cases, the final sculpture reflects and is informed by the past aesthetics of an artist, but in others (particularly those artists who, more used to creating two-dimensional work, have responded differently to solid form) favourite approaches have been abandoned in favour of something new and different.

Group Sez is a collaboration which links artists, commissioner and curator. Group Sez is a temporary network which may well continue past the end of November. Group Sez is a buzzing, vibrant and energetic collective and the resulting work is full of surprises and visual delights.

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