Our organization is always looking for additional people to work with. Cultural entrepreneurs who would like to create their own ECC Satellite in their country. We are always interested in talking with curators, exhibition organisers and others who like to cooperate and work with one of the already existing ECC-Satellites. We look for serious people who care about important human values like; honesty, openness, sharing and who at the same time understand that it takes hard work, dedication and a realistic approach to create quality cultural projects. The reward will not be a mountain of money, but it will be an interesting life for yourself and hopefully also a positive stimulance for many other people.

At the moment there are a few realistic options, for example in our ECC-Italy as part of our organizational team in Venice, organising large Art and Architecture exhibitions and other cultural events. Another possibility is that we could speak with you about the possibility to create a new ECC-Satellite in your country, together with you as an independent cultural entrepreneur. In case you are interested to discuss your ideas with us, contact us with a very short text, some info and a few photos of yourself, we will listen.