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The TIME SPACE EXISTENCE video series features interviews with prominent architects and artists reflecting on the topics of TIME SPACE EXISTENCE. These three concepts sketch out the contours of the world around us — a fact especially true within architecture. Taking these words as its starting point, the ECC Italy now hosts its fourth collateral exhibition in the context of the Venice Architecture Biennial, entitled Time I Space I Existence. Featuring over 100 established and emerging architects, and unapologetically international in breadth, the exhibition provides a fascinating complement to a biennial traditionally drawn along national lines.


Interview with Odile Decq
Interview with Daniel Libeskind
Interview with Lawrence Weiner
Interview with Tatiana Bilbao
Interview with Kengo Kuma
Interview with Joseph Kosuth
Interview with Toshiko Mori
Interview with Peter Eisenman
Interview with Curtis Fentress
Interview with Richard Meier
Interview with Arata Isozaki
Interview with Fumihiko Maki
Interview with Moshe Safdie
Interview Denise Scott Brown
Interview with WOHA
Interview with Dirk Hebel
Interview Meinhard von Gerkan